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Prometheus – More Like Slowmetheus

The movie moved slowly. The characters, a team of scientists exploring a new world, were poorly developed and most of them were irrational hotheads. Did I mention that it moved at a snails pace? Charlize Theron wore this form fitting space jumpsuit throughout the movie, so it had that going for it, also the movie was beautifully shot, so I give it a C, maybe a C+.

New Beers To You Podcast

I was in the studio for this one. We discuss how Rich screwed up the recording of the last one, the recent announcement that the owner of Taylor Books is opening a brewpub, recent brewery expansions, and Rob goes on a rant about something, but I can’t remember what it is right now. Enjoy!

You can listen by clicking here, and streaming it, or you can download it through iTunes, it’s your call.

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Guacamole Club

It’s a pretty good sandwich. It’s the basic spicy chicken sandwich with guacamole, bacon, and pepper jack cheese. What I did not realize until I opened the wrapper, is that it also includes mayo. I would think that the guacamole is a mayo substitute, making the may unnecessary. It would be much better sans mayo and now that I realize that it includes mayo, I will make sure to request no mayo in the future.

All New, All Different Beers To You Podcast

I  was actually in the studio for this one. Topics include: sour beer, Tampa Beer Week, unconscionably high beer prices, smooth jazz,  braggot, and other stuff. Listen to the stream here, or download it on iTunes.

Trapped in the Closet Returns

R. Kelly’s opus will return to IFC for thirty-two (32) new installments. 


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